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Inspection & Measurement
of Technical Elastomer Profiles


Proton ProSurface C8

Inline surface inspection

Proton ProSurface C8 sets new standards in the automated visual inspection of extruded elastomer profiles.


The system was developed with many years of experience in providing inspection solutions for the sealing industry. In addition to excellent inspection performance and low maintenance, the ProSurface system is modular and can be supplied in 1-8 camera configurations. Surface defects are marked with pinpoint accuracy and can be cut out using a controlled saw. The software, which can be operated via a touchscreen, is intuitive to use and  

With the new robotic option, the cameras adjust themselves automatically to each profile, so that the production employees are completely relieved. 

Proton ProDimension C6

360° dimension measurement

Proton ProDimension C was specially designed to meet the requirements of the sealing industry.

In addition to the high measurement accuracy, it offers a modular design and can be used in various configurations with up to 8  laser-camera units, which are arranged around the extrusion profile, are executed.

The very stable frame and a C-opening for inserting the profiles from the side make it easier to use in rough everyday production.  

The many large openings between the measuring units are also important, so that vapors can escape from the hot profiles without the sensor windows fogging up.

The software can be operated and the measurement task can be defined directly via a touchscreen. All ProDimension features are designed to increase the efficiency of your production. 


Complete profile contour measurement of elastomer profiles



Capture and measurement of the inner and outer contour

XContour is an add-on module for the ProDimension system designed for capturing the complete inner and outer contour of the profile after the profile cutting process.

XContour consists of a measuring head placed at the end of the extrusion line. The operator inserts one end of the extruded profile into the product-specific exchangeable guide on the measuring head. The rest of the measurement process, including profile alignment, is automated. After approximately 1 second, the measurement is completed, indicated by both an acoustic and visual signal, and the operator can remove the profile.


The contour comparison with a CAD drawing or a reference contour, as well as other measurements, are performed automatically using the connected ProDimension system.

The contour data is timestamped and stored in a database, enabling comprehensive documentation of the production and profile quality. Moreover, complete digital data is available, which can be utilized for future process analysis.

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