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The most advanced inspection  & measurement systems for your profile extrusion


Autonomous inspection systems for Industry 5.0

The world is changing rapidly. To be competitive, every business needs the best talent with the best education in the right place and at the right time.

At the same time, the baby boomer generation is leaving the labor market and it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit talented young people for industrial tasks.  Passing on the machine experience of the senior experts for the production of outstanding quality to the new generation of employees is a task that is becoming more and more demanding in all industries.  

inlevel  delivers autonomous, robotic-based inspection systems that support your team in keeping the quality of the products and the efficiency of your production at the highest level. The systems can be flexibly equipped with the required capabilities according to your needs and work side by side with the employees.

In addition, through AR training modules, the systems can pass on the acquired knowledge about the best process settings to new employees, thus further increasing the efficiency and satisfaction of the production teams.

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Inspection systems for monitoring the quality of profiles, hoses and tubes


Inspection of
sealing profiles

Elastomere sealings

of rubber / TPE

Inspection of
window frame profiles

PVC profiles

Inspection of
hoses and tubes

Hoses and tubes of plastic and rubber

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The Future of Production with AI

Our systems help to avoid waste and thus reduce CO2 emissions


Detect product defects
and increases production efficiency

Our inspection and measurement cameras ensure 360° surveillance and find every smallest defect on the products. Locally flexible measuring modules (e.g  Thermal imaging cameras) control their process along the production line and help to increase overall efficiency (OEE).


Automatically cut out defects

Defective areas can be marked by our systems and cut out directly in order to keep rejects as low as possible.


Early intervention to correct production

Our systems can be equipped with a wide variety of modules in order to adjust production processes during operation. Response time saved is scrap saved.


Optimized start-up phases 
through measurement & AI

Short start-up phases save rejects. The use of our systems at different points in the process and the use of the inspection data in an AI-based process control lead to the optimal one more quickly  product quality. 


Would you like to use your resources more efficiently, increase the quality and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of your production lines, while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions ?

If you're curious about how working with our company can help you achieve these goals, please feel free to contact us.

We would be pleased to inform you about the specific advantages of our products and discuss how they can be tailored to meet your needs.

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Headquarters Germany:

Inlevel GmbH

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52070 Aachen



Tel.: +49-(0)241-1894296-0

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Mon- Friday      9:00 - 17:00

Office São Paulo/Brazil: 

Inlevel Automação Industrial Ltda.

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3015

14 And-Cj. 141

São Paulo, CEP 01452-000

Tel.: +55 11-4210 1684

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