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Inspection & Measurement
of PVC profiles


Proton ProSurface PVC

Inline surface inspection

Proton ProSurface-PVC is the perfect solution for automated surface inspection of extruded PVC window profiles.

The system was developed with many years of experience especially for the PVC industry and has a modular design with 2-4 cameras. The entire camera ring can be rotated to switch from standing to lying profiles. Surface defects are shownon a quality map for each cut length. Cut lengths can be evaluated according to QA rules and  automatically sorted by a stacking machine.  

ProSurface recognizes all common types of surface defects and can be fine-tuned using its quality rules.

The software, which can be operated via a touchscreen, is intuitive to use and can be learned by line operators in a very short time. 

Proton ProDimension PVC

360° dimension measurement

With its high resolution, large measurement field and outstanding stability, Proton ProDimension-PVC has been specially developed for the requirements of the PVC industry.

In addition to the high measurement accuracy, it offers a modular design and can be used in various configurations with up to 8  laser-camera units, which are arranged around the extrusion profile.

The very stable sensor frame can be swiveled by 45 degrees, so that an ideal arrangement for the measurement of grooves can be set, depending on the profile position, even with 4 sensors.  


The software can be operated and the measurement task can be defined directly via a touchscreen. All ProDimension features are designed to increase the efficiency of your production. 

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