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with AI

Welcome to the Future of Extrusion Manufacturing with Extrusion-Copilot™

Revolutionize your production

In the highly competitive extrusion market and today's current generational change among employees, it is important to use the latest innovations in digitalization. This is where Extrusion-Copilot™ comes in. Our Copilot app, connected to an AI specialized in extrusion, is not just a tool - it is your partner in redefining efficiency and quality in your production, as well as employee interaction.


Increase operational efficiency in your production

Achieving operational excellence is a never-ending journey. Extrusion-Copilot™ is your everyday support on this path. The AI learns in real time from interaction with your employees, from machine data and quality control results. And it passes on the stored know-how and suggestions for improved process parameters to the production staff via the app. The result: higher productivity, higher product quality and savings in CO2 emissions. Of course, constantly automatically and comprehensively documented in reports.

Know-how transfer between generations 

The demographics are changing: older and experienced employees are leaving the job market. And the new young generation first needs to be trained and increasingly wants to learn and work with digital technologies.

Here the Extrusion Copilot™ is in its element. He not only knows the physical and technical intricacies of extrusion, but is also informed about the specific details of your production lines and products. This knowledge is of course protected from access by third parties in accordance with data protection regulations. New employees in your production learn everything they need for quick and successful onboarding using the training function of the Copilot app and the knowledge prepared didactically by the AI.


The Copilot - Your assistent for operation and maintenance


Whenever new production machines are integrated and set up, the production team goes through a steep learning curve.


The Extrusion-Copilot™ offers great support here. Within just a few minutes, he acquires the knowledge of how to operate and maintain the machines using the manufacturer's manuals and training videos. Your employees can ask the AI specific questions via a headset and receive information prepared in audio and video directly in front of the machine.


External service technicians in your company can optionally view important information about the operation history and fault reports via guest access to the copilot. Service updates and upgrades of a machine are automatically recorded by the AI and taken into account for further operation and training of employees.

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