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Inspection & Measurement
of tubes and hoses


Proton ProSurface-Tube

Real-time surface inspection

Proton ProSurface-Tube sets new standards in automated surface inspection of extruded tubes or spiral hoses.

The system was developed with many years of experience in providing inspection solutions for the hoses and tube industry. In addition to excellent inspection performance and low maintenance requirement, the ProSurface-Tube system is modular and can be supplied in 1-2 camera configurations for spiral hoses and 4-8 cameras for continuous tubes or hoses.

Surface defects are marked with pinpoint accuracy and can be cut out using a controlled saw.


The software, which can be operated via touchscreen, is intuitive to use and can be learned by employees in a very short time.   

With the robotic option, the cameras adjust themselves automatically to each hose diameter, so that the production employees are completely relieved of the set-up. 

Proton ProDimension-SpiralTube

360° dimension measurement

Proton ProDimension-SpiralTube is specifically designed to meet the requirements of measuring spiral tubes and hoses.

While a large number of measuring systems are available on the market for measuring the diameter of normal hoses and tubes, spiral hoses pose a special challenge. Here, both the outside diameter of the reinforcement spiral and the outside diameter of the actual hose walls, as well as the pitch of the spiral, need to be measured.

ProDimension-SpiralTube measures all three dimensions with high accuracy in a continuous process.

Through the coupling with the ProSurface-SpiralTube system, surface defects on the spiral walls can also be detected at the same time.

The software can be operated directly via a touchscreen and all measurment parameters are stored in product-specific product files. All ProDimension features are designed to increase the efficiency of your production. 

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