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About Us

About our products & Industry 5.0

Inlevel is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art systems for the automated and autonomous inspection of products and the monitoring of machine- and process output.


The baby boomer generation is leaving the labor market and it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit talented young people for industrial professions.  Passing on the machine experience of the senior experts for the production of outstanding quality to the new generation of employees is a task that is becoming more and more demanding in all industries.  

Inlevel  delivers autonomous, robotic-based inspection systems that support your team in keeping the quality of the products and the efficiency of your production at the highest level. The systems can be flexibly equipped with the required capabilities according to your needs and work side by side with the employees.

In addition, through AR training modules, the systems can pass on the acquired knowledge about the best process settings to new employees, thus further increasing the efficiency and satisfaction of the production teams.


About Inlevel


Inlevel was founded in 2016 by experts with more than 20 years of experience in the field of machine vision systems for industrial applications.


Today the company has sales, service, R&D and production facilities in Sao Paulo / Brazil and Aachen / Germany  for the development of software and hardware as well as the complete assembly of autonomous inspection systems for Industry 5.0 applications.


Besides offering and deploying turnkey solutions, our focus is on being a strong and reliable partner for our customers when it comes to customizing solutions, offering services and integrating systems in  production facilities.

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